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From the 1st of April NHS Forth Valley's Immunisation team will be taking over Travel Health Service for NHS Forth Valley patients.


Patients are to self-refer to the service using a risk assessment eform available on the immunisation page on NHS Forth Valley services page. Link available here NHS Forth Valley – Travel Health Service. If you currently have a travel page on your website, please add this link to direct patients and prevent them contacting the practice. Patients should self-refer with at least 6 weeks notice so that immunisation(s) will be effective at time of travel. For patients that can't use the eform, patients should contact the immunisation administration team on 0800 130 3120


These patients will be assessed by our Immunisation Nurses trained in Travel Health and recommend appropriate treatment.


If a patient requires only free NHS vaccine, they will get their vaccine from the Immunisation team. If a patient requires NHS and private vaccine they will be directed to community pharmacy contractors that already offer private travel health services. These pharmacies will offer free NHS vaccines and charge patients for the private immunisation.


If you have any queries regarding the service delivery, please contact vaccine and public health pharmacist Ross Gilfillan,

Video Consultations are now available.

This is a new service we are hoping to expand, more information at:


For your video consultation, please log onto the waiting room 5 minutes before your

confirmed appointment.

Waiting room:

You will need to us Google Chrome or Apple Safari fro  your device.


You will need to use Google Chrome or Apple Safari fro your device.

Compatible devices:

PC or Mac with video Webcam, Android table or iPad, Android mobile or iphone.

Use the button above for Mental Health & well being support on:

> Mental Well being during Covid


> Corona virus Isolation

   Psychological Advice.

> Talking to Childern about Corona


You can now access from our Mental Health Nurse.


Do you experience low mood, anxiety or stress? Do you feel that you are struggling to manage your emotions, are you feeling hopeless or finding it hard to enjoy positive things in your life? 

If this sounds like you, our Mental Health Nurse is the right person for you. 


Our Nurse can support you through any of these issues and offer guidance, tools and support.

Please chat to our reception staff and our Mental Health Nurse will get in contact with you.

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Access your local GP services online


Assess your symptoms online with this handy tool created by patient

Covid-19 - Corona Virus

Update - 12/03/2020

Due to the current Corona Virus the surgery has decided to cancel all face to face  appointments.  We will offer telephone consultations with a GP or a nurse for routine or emergency problems. If you need to be examined after your telephone consultations , you will be seen.



All Prescriptions must be picked up at pharmacy. Please do not come to the surgery unless absolutely necessary or asked by a GP.

 NHS Forth Valley Public Health Nutrition

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